Adapt helps tech companies engage key stakeholders to build trust & safety and advance human rights.

About us

We are a team of tech policy and human rights experts with deep experience working with governments, civil society and international organisations across the globe.

What we do

Stakeholder Engagement

We map, monitor and analyse stakeholder sentiment across key tech policy areas, and develop and help execute your engagement plans.

Regulatory Policy

We support your engagement with regulators and policymakers, leveraging sentiment assessments and analysis of regulatory and legislative processes.


We help shape your key messages on policy, regulation, responsibility, and human rights so that they land effectively with key opinion leaders.

Trust & Safety

We help you develop robust, responsible, iterative, and stakeholder-tested trust and safety policies.

Human Rights Policy & Due Diligence

We help you ground company operations in fundamental human rights standards, including assessing processes or products through formal human rights due diligence.

Responsible AI

We support your responsible AI policy and product development through stakeholder engagement, due diligence and pre-deployment assessments.

International Organisations

We help you navigate the complex landscape of international organisations that are increasingly focused on tech policy issues, standards and regulatory guidance.

Leadership team

Charles Bradley

A leading digital policy practitioner with deep experience working with tech companies, civil society and governments globally.

Erlingur Erlingsson

Career diplomat with government, international organisations, and tech company experience on human rights, trust & safety, and regulatory engagement.

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