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Adapt: our creation story

Our co-founder Andrew writes about the context of data collection, advertising, and the future on the eve of officially launching Adapt.

What we are reading

Trust in data and why it mattersEY: Ben Taylor - September 2017

Trust in the digital ageAccenture: Rachel Barton, Marc Bender, Fabrice Marque - 2017

The Global Risks Report 2018World Economic Forum - January 2018

Why we don’t trust the internetWorld Economic Forum - April 2017

The 4 Dimensions of Digital TrustHarvard Business Review: Bhaskar Chakravorti, Ajay Bhalla and Ravi Shankar Chaturvedi - February 2018

How the Data That Internet Companies Collect Can Be Used for the Public GoodHarvard Business Review: Stefaan G. Verhulst and Andrew Young - January 2018

Who should hold the keys to our data?Guardian: Nigel Shadbolt and Roger Hampson - April 2018

The Internet Apologizes …NY Mag: Noah Kulwin - April 2018

Are You Really the Product?Slate: Will Oremus - April 2018